Wichita, Kan.  The Bethel women's tennis team advanced Saturday to the finals of the KCAC championship with a 5-0 win over Ottawa University, before falling in the final to McPherson College by a score of 5-1.  With the loss the Thresher's ended their season at a very impressive mark of 10-4.  If you would ask any other coach at Bethel or any other program would you take a 10-4 season, and a second place conference finish in both the regular season and the conference tournament?  All would probably say yes in a heartbeat, however after the defeat Saturday you could defiantly see sadness and heartbreak on the Thresher's faces, as McPherson College for the first time in 5 seasons denied the right for the Thresher's to win the KCAC, and go to nationals.

McPherson College came out of the gates very strong in the always important doubles matches, taking all 3 of them, giving them the 3-0 lead heading in to singles play.  In conference tournament format as soon as the first team to win 5 points wins the team match, and all other individual matches remain unfinished.  The Bulldog's were able to win 2 of the 3 singles matches completed on the day wrapping up the 5-1 victory over the Thresher's.  However highlight of the day no doubt had to be the play of Senior Steph Shogren (SR/Hesston, Kan.) as she was able to win her final collegiate match defeating a very good player in Nikki Vorhees at #2 singles in three sets, Shogren fell to Vorhees just a few weeks earlier in straight sets, so a great performance for Shogren in her final match as a Thresher.

Bethel College 1, McPherson College 5

Singles Results

1)  Emma Sheehan (Mac) vs. Bree Honer (BC)  DNF

2)  Steph Shogren (BC) def. Nikki Vorhees (Mac)  6-3, 0-6, 6-2

3)  Brooke Vorhees (Mac) def. Allie Hipp (JR/Claflin, Kan.) (BC)  6-0, 6-1

4)  Brittany Gourlay (Mac) def. Madelyn Weaver (JR/Hesston, Kan.) (BC)  6-2, 6-4

5)  Claire Crossman (Mac) vs. Ashley Suhr (JR/Valley Center, Kan.) (BC)  DNF

6)  Chandler Short (Mac) vs. Alyssa Scheverman (BC)  DNF

Doubles Results

1)  B. Vorhees/N. Vorhees (Mac) def. Honer/S. Shogren (BC)  8-3

2)  Sheehan/Gourlay (Mac) def. Hipp/Weaver (BC)  8-2

3)  Kara Wright/Short (Mac) def. R. Shogren/Scheverman (BC)  8-5


End of Season Individual Stats

-Bree Honer finished the season with a 15-5 record at #1 singles for the Thresher's.  Honer also teamed up with Steph Shogren to go 15-6 at doubles as well, bringing Honer's combined singles and doubles record to and impressive 30-11 on the season.  Honer was first team All-KCAC this season, and is currently ranked #6 in ITA Central Rankings, and #48 nationally. 

-Steph Shogren finished her senior season with a record of 15-5 at #2 singles for the Thresher's.  Shogren also teamed up Bree Honer to go 15-6 at doubles as well, bringing Shogren's combined over all record to an impressive 30-11 on the season.  Shogren was also named to first team All-KCAC.

-Allie Hipp finished her season with a record of 12-7 at #3 singles for the Thresher's.  Hipp also teamed up with Madelyn Weaver to go 12-7 at doubles, bringing Hipp's over all record combined record to an impressive 24-14 on the season.  Hipp also was selected to the All-KCAC second team.

-Madelyn Weaver finished her season with a record of 12-6 at #4 singles for the Thresher's.  Weaver also teamed up with Hipp to go 12-7 at doubles, bringing Weaver's over all combined record to an impressive 24-13 on the season.  Weaver like Hipp was selected to the All-KCAC second team.

-Ashley Suhr finished her season with a record of 10-3 at #5 singles for the Thresher's.

-Alyssa Scheuerman (JR/Scott City, Kan.) finished her season with a record of 11-7 at the #6 spot for the Thresher's.  Scheuerman also teamed up with Rachel Shogren (FR/Hesston, Kan.) to go 10-3 at doubles, bringing Scheuerman's over all combined season record to an impressive 21-10.

2013-2014 Team Leaders

"Top 3 places"

Most Singles Wins:

1 Tie. Bree Honer 15

1 Tie. Steph Shogren 15

3 Tie. Allie Hipp 12

3. Tie Madelyn Weaver 12

Best Singles Record:

1. Ashley Suhr 10-3

2 Tie. Bree Honer 15-5

2 Tie. Steph Shogren 15-5

Best Singles Winning %

1. Ashley Suhr 77%

2 Tie. Bree Honer 75%

2 Tie. Steph Shogren 75%

Most Wins Singles and Doubles Combined:

1 Tie. Bree Honer 30

1 Tie. Steph Shogren 30

3 Tie. Allie Hipp 24

3 Tie. Madelyn Weaver 24

Best Singles and Doubles Record:

1 Tie Bree Honer 30-11

1 Tie. Steph Shogren 30-11

3. Alyssa Scheuerman 21-10

Best Singles and Doubles Combined Winning %

1 Tie. Bree Honer 73%

1 Tie. Steph Shogren 73%

3. Alyysa Scheuerman 68%

Best Doubles Record:

1. Rachel Shogren/Alyssa Scheuerman 10-3/ 77%

2. Bree Honer/Steph Shogren 15-6/ 71%

3. Madelyn Weaver/Allie Hipp 12-7/ 63%