What is a Thresher?


The official mascot of Bethel College, the Thresher is named after the threshing stone. This was a wheat harvesting device used by the early Russian Mennonite settlers who brought winter wheat to the Kansas plains in 1874, just a few years before Bethel College was founded. Pulled by horses, the threshing stone was used to separate the head of a stalk of grain from the straw, and then further separate the kernel from the rest of the head. The video of wheat waving in the wind as part of the header image on the website pays homage to our background as an institution, and our athletics logo.

A threshing stone sits just on the edge of Goering Field inside Thresher Stadium, which can be seen as soon as you walk inside the gates. As a student, parent, faculty or staff member, or as a fan of Thresher Athletics, may you always find yourself able to separate the good from the bad in your lives, and Roll On!